Summer Plans 2016

Summer is upon us. The season where everyone procrastinates outside instead of inside. The season where everyone burns because they’re too cool for sun cream. The season where people marvel over the 3 days of British summer and complain about the rest. This is the season where everyone’s brain switches off, but the reading and adventures switch on.

Thanks to a decision two years ago that I was going to stop being a Summer Hermit, I actually have plans for this summer. However when I’m not visiting University friends or going to the cinema with my brother or attempting to get fit ready for Portugal in September, I’m going to be reading.

Currently I’m reading the Lord of the Rings. I think my original plan was to do the harder reads in the summer when I have more time, but once you get into them they’re not that hard at all. The style of writing is unique and something to get used to, and maybe if you watch the films first the book will be easier (this is the exception to the rule!).

I also placed an order with Wordery for the entire Game of Thrones series which I’m also incredibly excited about. The TV series has diverted from the books now so it’ll be a spoiler free zone for me (although if you start it fresh there will be), and that is another rumoured-to-be “hard read”. Are hard reads really a thing if you enjoy them? I guess it depends if you’re one of those people who feels guilty for abandoning a book half way through like me.

I also want to read more classics this summer. After studying books in school for the past 7 ish years, I took a well deserved break from them. As I’ve probably said before, there’s not much worse than studying a book to death, and many of these victims were the classics. I was given Gone with the Wind for my birthday a few years ago, and maybe I’ll get off my high horse and read Pride and Prejudice. Maybe. I hope my Mother doesn’t read my blog or I’ll never live it down.

I also have my reading challenge to keep up with, as due to exams and other fun soul sucking responsibilities I’ve had to neglect it a little, so I feel like I’m behind schedule. Feel free to add/follow me here.

Of course, like every other bookworm, my wish list for books is ever growing, so I may treat myself this summer (but I am a poor broke student so this may be a little far fetched). The Bees was recommended to me by a user on The Student Room; also on there is Glass Sword, the sequel to Red Queen that I reviewed recently; and Beside Myself, a book released just this year and became popular almost overnight. (By the way if any of you lovely people have read these or just have opinions leave them below because I’m influenced by other people).

I have other non-book plans too, I’m planning on keeping up with my German over the summer since the module at Uni has been cancelled (sobs quietly) and I also started a course in Esperanto just for the giggles. However I’m really flaky when it comes to committing to things like this so don’t hold me to anything.

What are your plans? What books are you reading?

*Resumes reading The Two Towers surrounded by snoring old people on the train*


4 thoughts on “Summer Plans 2016

  1. shar says:

    I choked through LOTR over a series of holidays, but I can’t say I did spectacularly. And YES to the overanalysed books. I don’t even think shakespeare’s that great, and we go off ‘appreciating’ his every second word. How do you say ‘hello’ in esperanto? What is wordery? my plans: stay at home, practice, read, run, also go hiking. I keep MEANING to read Pride and Prejudice, and then….


    • Bronwyn says:

      There’s definitely more to literature than Shakespeare! I loved Hamlet when I studied it but that seems to be the exception rather than one of many! Hello in Esperanto is Saluton 😀
      Wordery is a cool online bookstore, like amazon except more ethical and there’s ALWAYS free delivery!
      Sounds like good plans! My Mum is obsessed with P&P so I feel like if I attempt to read it again she’ll never let me forget it! Our pet tortoise is called Mr Darcy, the obsession is that great:’)


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