Everything and Nothing

What draws you into a book?

I went to Manchester on Friday to visit a friend in University. I was so close to visiting one of the prettiest libraries ever (according to a random article I was tagged in on Facebook the other day) but when we got there it was closing for the day! We did go to an art gallery though because we’re so cultured and sophisticated, cocktails were drank and of course, we went to a book store.
One of the joys about going to big cities is that the bookshops are generally bigger, and although I generally buy books online these days because it’s cheaper and I’m a lazy teenager, there’s something really satisfying about being surrounded by books.

I was planning on treating myself but there wasn’t anything that stood out to me. The joy of being online is you can just click on links without leaving your chair/floor/bed and I tend to just order what I want and then go back to severe procrastination. When you’re in a store, all books are trying to catch your eye, so what can draw you in?

I’m a sucker for a pretty hardback. Without book jackets preferably, because I always accidentally bash them about or leave them abandoned in a drawer because they just flop about everywhere, but it’s also fun when you have a book jacket and remove it to find a really pretty inside cover. There’s something about holding a hardback, it feels solid and more durable. Not only do they generally look majestic in my hand, but on a bookshelf too.

Another important thing is a blurb. What frustrates me is the fact that most books these days tend to just have reviews on the back, and I’m lucky if there’s a description on the inside of a book jacket. Am I the only one who likes to decide whether I’m going to buy a book based on the actual content and not what some random celebrity or newspaper thinks? I’ll be the judge of whether it’s 5 stars or not, especially if I’m drifting out of my YA/Sci-Fi comfort zone.

Despite that, I am heavily influenced by people. Not just my friends, but commenters on here, people online and of course my family. My friends especially have similar tastes to me so I trust their judgement. Also I’m really indecisive. Don’t make me choose between books because I’ll probably end up buying them all instead. People tell me to get a kindle, and read books on there instead, but it’s really not the same. I appreciate the portability and the fact that classics are free, but books are something special.

When I was in Manchester I was drawn into everything and nothing. Maybe I’m too indecisive, maybe it was because I couldn’t see anything I particularly wanted, or maybe it was because I knew I had books ready to read already so it wasn’t a big priority (although let’s face it, buying books is always a priority).

What attracts you to a book? What makes you want to instantly buy everything?
PS: I wrote several blog posts on the train on the way home, hopefully that’ll help kickstart a more active blog, and I’m totally going to complete the Hamilton Tag tomorrow.


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