Hamilton Book Tag!


Hi! I will be talking about all the books pictured above today! I will try to be as vague as possible but if spoilers slip in I apologise. Going to take a leaf out of Tash’s book (pun not intended) and highlight the section that I probably won’t be able to help but spoil due to the nature of the question, but everywhere else should be okay!

Okay, rambling disclaimer over. Next task: Credits.

Props to Tash herself over at The Bookie Monsters for tagging me in this! Check hers out here. Secondly, you can watch the original tag video here. Now, whilst listening to the masterpiece that is the soundtrack let us crack on!

The Room Where it Happens: A book world that you would put yourself in

We all talk about how we’d love to be a wizard at Hogwarts and all that jazz, but a world I believe is truly underrated is the world of Lorien in I Am Number Four. There’s magic, peace and beauty, and it would be an amazing place to live, especially before the events in the books happen.

The Schuyler Sisters: Underrated female character 

When discussing The Help, everyone seems to talk about Missy, the loudmouth who’s misunderstood, or Skeeter who sacrifices everything to fight for what’s right, but not many people marvel Aibleen. She’s loyal, dedicated yet also incredibly sassy.

My Shot: A Character that goes after what they want and doesn’t let anything stop them

Hannibal has been through A LOT. If you’ve read the whole series including the sort-of prequel Hannibal Rising, you’ll know that there’s a whole story behind him, which also corrupts your morals. He is determined, intelligent and cunning. Also a cannibal, but hey ho.

You’ll Be Back: Sassiest Villain

Sure, it’s debatable where Tyrion stands on the good/evil spectrum in Game of Thrones but you can’t deny that he is sassy as heck. He often relies on humour, self depreciation and knowledge to get through life (as do I. Hahaha) and this includes an unlimited level of sass. It’s hilariously wonderful, and it makes him one of my favourite characters in the series.

Non-Stop: A series you marathoned 

What made this funny, was that a girl I knew in high school was OBSESSED with The Infernal Devices, and I never got around to reading it because the fantasy world made me dubious thanks to the popularity of Twilight. Long Story Short, she bought me the first one for my birthday and I joined the obsession. Oh man, it’s such a good series.

Satisfied: Favourite book with multiple POVs – Game of Thrones

Everyone says that Game of Thrones is a series that’s so hard to read, and to an extent I agree. There’s a lot to take in at once, but if you can get a grip on it it’s incredible. I love it. I will never stop loving it. Maaaaaaaaan.

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: A book/series you feel like will be remembered throughout history

You can’t deny how iconic the Harry Potter Series is. I mean, my local bookstore when I was a kid (Ottakars) renamed their stores to Pottakars to celebrate each new book. I miss the Rocking Horse. I also miss reading those books for the first time.


Stay Alive: A character you wish was still alive 

Theodore Finch, in All the Bright Places. Oh man, I know the desire to commit suicide doesn’t magically disappear overnight, but I was rooting for him to pull through, I really was. He was so likeable, despite the fact that he thought the world was against him. 

Burn: The most heartbreaking end to a relationship you’ve ever read

Fang. This book killed me when I first read it. It’s the only book that’s ever reduced me to sobbing in my bed at 2am. That’s saying something considering I don’t cry over books or films. Some may say I’m heartless, but my emotions regarding Fang’s departure at the end of this book after rooting for Max and Fang for so long led to my redemption. I do have emotions! Hooray!

The Reynolds Pamphlet: A book with a twist that you didn’t see coming

The Fault in our Stars. Come on, I can’t have been the only one that thought Hazel was going to be the one that died, so the fact that John Green turned it around completely threw me off my guard. I still held it together though, when thousands of other teenagers did not. I still remember watching it in the cinema and going to pee afterwards to find several large groups of girls sobbing by the sinks. 


Helpless: A relationship you were pulling for from the very start

As soon as I knew Carry On was going to be written I was pulling for Simon and Baz. I was itching for any kind of interaction, and Rainbow Rowell toyed with us wholeheartedly. I bet she had a whale of a time. This book is so unique and wonderful, with such an original take on a potentially overused trope of magic.

Ten Duel Commandments: Favourite fight scene

In City of Glass, one of the most poignant moments is when Clarissa unites everyone to fight against Valentine and Sebastian especially after they have been fighting and discriminating each other throughout the series. I guess it just goes to show that anyone can fight for what is right.

Say No To This: Guilty pleasure read

Maximum Ride Forever reminds me of a fan fiction on so many levels, to the point where I was laughing almost out of exasperation. I thought that Nevermore (the previous book) closed everything off really well, but then this book came along and threw everything at us, tossed it around and added several dramatic revelations for good measure. It’s a fun and somewhat emotive read though. It’s great.

What Comes Next: A Series you wish had more books

I am desperate to know what happens to all the characters in Eleanor and Park. I remember Rowell saying at her book signing in Cardiff that she purposely ended it the way she did because she didn’t want it to be a perfect closure, because things just don’t work out that way in real life. I can’t help but wonder what happened after. Don’t we all?

Right Hand Man: Favourite BROTP

What I love about Mikey and Jared in The Rest of Us Just Live Here is the fact that hey are pals no matter what, but Jared is not afraid to tell Mikey to get a grip on life, and vice versa. They are understanding yet not afraid to get real, and their friendship is such a good representation of the consequences of mental illnesses and how it really works. There’s no real romanticism in the real world, just stigma and a gross sense of misunderstanding.

What’d I Miss: A book or series you were late to reading

I was late to The Hobbit bandwagon, almost 80 years late to be exact, when I read it a year or two ago. It’s such a good book, much better than the films.

I’m tagging anyone interested in this, as Hamilton is great, Tags are cool and I need to get back into the blogging zone.


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