Negative reviews: Are they worth it?

I’ve been thinking on this for a while. It started when I was at my best friend’s house, picking books from a selection that her and her Mum were giving away (keep your friends close and the people who give you free books closer). Many of them were books that she had enjoyed when she was younger, and we were both reminiscing over the tropes and themes we loved as preteens but have now grown to despise and laugh at. Armed with several bags full of YA books and some other pretty hardbacks, I started reading from my now dangerously high TBR pile.

I’m going back to University next month, and yesterday I dumped half my belongings into my new room, along with a pile of unread books to keep me going through the term. I had decided to divide my pile between YA and older reads, as I’m currently lending books to a 14 year old and making the most of being able to be a human library. It’s safe to say you all probably know what genre I’m reading lately.

I may be out of the age range, which is probably why I’m not enjoying a lot of YA books anymore, but some of the things I’ve read are cliche and boring, and characters have been incredibly one dimensional. As a result we hit the million dollar question: is it worth writing a review about them?

I started this blog to write about books I enjoy, and to write about a mixture of books that have become popular or have been highly anticipated, and books that I was pleasantly surprised about or took me out of my comfort zone in a good way. I’m struggling to justify writing a review about a book that’s almost entirely negative.

Don’t get me wrong, few books are perfect, and it is all down to interpretation. I like to be able to write a review that highlights positives and negatives. On the other hand I feel like if I want to write about a book it’s because I want to recommend it or share it. Maybe if there’s an aspect that bothers me I’ll write about it, but that would mainly be regarding an issue or theme rather than the book itself.

If I haven’t got anything nice to say is it worth saying anything at all? Or is it important to see all interpretations and opinions regardless of how negative they could potentially be?

I need a cup of coffee.


One thought on “Negative reviews: Are they worth it?

  1. 210Darryl says:

    I look at reviews this way: “I loved it” is more than enough reason to give a book 4 or 5 stars, but “I hated it” isn’t enough of a review to give anything one star. Perhaps it’s a bit unfair, but if you hated a book enough to actually say/type it, you should be including a reason.

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